We offer a full service and advice program for your sauna which include:

  • Installation of correct ventilation.
  • Repair and remake of the benches.
  • Repair and maintenance of damaged panelling.
  • Regular replacement of stones in your heater (should be done once a year if sauna is been used twice or more per week).
  • Treatment of benches with specially designed oil for sauna benches from Finland resulting in benches being water resistant and easier to keep clean, therefore more hygienic.
  • New heaters for both electric and wood heated saunas.

Ventilation is so important in saunas as you can see from the diagram.  It makes your sauna visit more enjoyable and keeps your sauna dry and healthy. There are many ways to ventilate a sauna and we will give you expert advice on what suits your sauna.

Poor ventilation can result in the following symptoms:

  • Getting tired after a sauna
  • Feeling claustrophobic in your sauna
  • Becoming anxious and short of breath
  • A musty smelling sauna

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