Hybrid Sauna

Our New Hybrid Sauna ‒ Now you can have it all!

Experience the best of both worlds with our new Hybrid Sauna. It’s a dual-purpose sauna that can function as a traditional Finnish sauna or as an infrared sauna ‒ or both simultaneously. Enjoy the advantages and benefits of combining the best qualities of both heat sources in one sauna.

In this modern Hybrid Sauna, the cleansing heat from a traditional sauna heater is conveniently combined with the deep, soothing warmth of infrared to deliver the ultimate sauna experience. Take your senses to a new level with our Hybrid Sauna’s diverse features, indulgent comfort, ease of use, and attractive appearance.

Options & Convenience

Our versatile Hybrid Sauna design offers you options ‒ all at your fingertips in one sauna ‒adding a new dimension to the value and enjoyment of your sauna. You can use the sauna heater and infrared radiators together or separately, depending on your own preferences.

How to Use your Hybrid Sauna

  • In a hybrid sauna, the heat source of the sauna cabin can be a heater and/or an infrared radiator giving you the health benefits and relaxing pleasure of both.
  • The hybrid sauna equipment is easy to control with a separate control panel. The infrared radiator is connected to a control unit that controls and regulates infrared radiation, in addition to the traditional sauna temperature.
  • There are also hybrid control units that allow one device to control multiple devices, such as a traditional sauna heater and the infrared radiators.

As a Traditional Finnish Sauna or a Hybrid Sauna:

  • Enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna or enhance your experience by switching on the infrared mode for added health benefits.
  • To have a traditional sauna experience, simply activate the sauna heater as normal, selecting a 70/80/90°C setting or higher, as you usually would. Then enjoy the sauna in the traditional way, by using a stove alone and throwing water and aromatics on the stones, to have the relaxing, cleansing sensation you’ve come to love.
  • To switch to the Hybrid Sauna mode, set the sauna at about 45/50°C and then simply activate the IR-radiator. The small evaporator (optional) in the heater will also be activated. When using both heat sources simultaneously, the two interact to ensure an enjoyable ambient temperature and a suitable humidity.
  • The steadily rising fragrant vapours from a sauna heater equipped with an evaporator adds a touch of luxury to your sauna experience. Simultaneously, you can relax while the infrared brings soft, healing warmth deep into your muscles.

As an Infrared Sauna or a Hybrid Sauna:

  • Simply select the infrared mode, activating the IR-radiators as normal, to enjoy a blissful infrared sauna experience. When using the infrared radiators on their own you will enjoy soft heat, infrared health effects, and rapid warming.
  • To switch to the Hybrid Sauna mode, activate either the conventional sauna or Hybrid Sauna setting at about 45/50°C to reach a comfortable temperature in the cabin, and then activate the IR-radiators for the full dual sauna experience.
  • A major advantage with the Hybrid Sauna is that you can put water and aromatics on the stones when using the infrared mode, as you would in a traditional Finnish sauna, releasing fragrant steam.
  • Take care not to set the sauna at temperatures at or above 80°C before activating the IR-radiators. This will be too intensive for the body and is not recommended.
  • You can set the sauna component at much lower temperatures when the infrared heater is activated. Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body from within rather than the air from without, as a traditional sauna does. Because of this, the infrared sauna can operate at a lower temperature.

How to get Started

For a Hybrid Sauna, you will need a traditional Finnish sauna heater, a set of infrared radiators, and a control unit to control both types of equipment.

Feel free to ask for more information from our experts. Contact usRead more about our Hybrid Saunas.

Features & Customisation

FinnSauna’s Hybrid Sauna consists of a traditional Finnish sauna with added infrared panels.

FinnSauna installs saunas of the highest quality and craftmanship, working with homeowners, designers and contractors to create custom designs and sizes to meet your every requirement. We will readily design and fabricate the walls/panels and heating units to suit your space and style, and we do so frequently for residential and commercial customers.

Equipment & Components

  • Our radiators are 'self-safe' – they have an integrated overheating temperature-sensor, so if the temperature gets too high, the radiator will switch off before it is damaged.
  • Our range of radiators ‒ DIR, WIR and ECO Dark with Glass ‒ in combination with their purpose-designed covers, all meet IPX4 Standard so you can use them in saunas and Combi-/Bio-/Humid-/Soft-Saunas. Our radiators are full-spectrum radiators.
  • The Infrared heating panels can be installed either horizontally or vertically.
  • All infrared panels come with overheating protectors for your convenience and safety.

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