Residential Client in Waikato, North Island

An Elegant, Custom-Designed Steam Room for a Noble Purpose

The client had a specific purpose in mind when contacting FinnSauna: a custom-built steam room to help alleviate her chronic rheumatoid condition. The space allocated for the installation was in the client’s garage.

This meant the design could incorporate the existing floor as a base, with a new floor waste system and plumbing added. Adequate drainage is ensured by an optimal floor fall to a single waste outlet, using a mortar screed in conjunction with a waterproofing membrane system to manage surface drainage and control water spread.

The steam room’s exterior was finished to blend with the surroundings, being gibbed and painted to match.

Once fully treated and waterproofed, the interior walls, floors and ceiling were lined with genuine Italian full-body porcelain tiles, in a sophisticated shade of grey, and in large 450x900 mm format — an unusual choice but with an awesome finish and appearance. The choice of a large format tile brought the added complication of avoiding tile lippage on the walls and floor falls, which was successfully overcome. 

The room has a long bench seat as well as a novel, lounger-style seat for maximum comfort and relaxation. These were both fashioned from custom-made CNC cut XPS foam modules imported from Finland. The bench and custom lounger are covered in Bisazza Italian glass mosaic in hues that perfectly complement the porcelain tiles. All the tiles are epoxy grouted for ease of cleaning and hygiene.

Another unique feature is the shower fitted in the steam room, providing greater convenience. The room’s ceiling height is 2.1 metres and tilted to avoid condensation dripping onto the bathers. The interior in spacious, elegant and airy with a glass door that opens outward for additional space, light and safety. The steam unit is discreetly attached to the outside of the house under an acrylic glass cover.

Client’s comments:

“Thanks Petri. Yes, I did have a go [and the steam room is] bloody brilliant. I’m just starting it up now again and will be using it at least twice a day for pain relief.  Seriously, you’ve saved my life Petri. … The standard of finishing is unbelievable.”

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