Cilindro 110HEE

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Powerful pillar-model heaters with digital touch control

Harvia Cilindro 110EE and 110HEE heaters provide enjoyable heat for larger family saunas and saunas with large proportions of glass. The heaters are physically larger than other Cilindro models and they share the same well-balanced design language. 120 kgs of stones heat up in a reasonable time and the bath is naturally magnificent.

Cilindro 110EE and 110HEE are exceptionally well suited for bench embedding. The new embedding flange HPC2 works as a heat radiation shield – the hole in the bench can be made only little larger than the heater. This makes for a stylish unified whole. The simple and stylish splash-proof control panel can be placed inside or outside the sauna room.

Cilindro 110EE has an apertured outer casing made of stainless steel. You can adjust the nature of the heat from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar.

Cilindro 110HEE models have apertured casing in the front, which offers the sauna bather the benefits of a large stone amount, but also enables the heater to be located in smaller space. The stone space is made of stainless steel and outer casing around the sides and back is black (HEE) or white (VHEE) painted zinked steel.

The heaters are also available as E-models PC110E, PC110HE and PC110VHE, which are controlled with a separate control unit (e.g. Harvia Griffin or Harvia C150).

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