Topclass Combi

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An experience for your senses.

Harvia Topclass Combi is a combined electric heater and steamer that provide different sauna pleasures. You can select between a traditional Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or a fragrant sauna. This heater is the correct choice for bathers who appreciate a soft and humid bath and an aromatic atmosphere.

Topclass Combi is a wall-mounted electric heater with a top-quality stainless steel surface. The water tank holds 5.5 litres. The heater has soapstone cups to hold liquid fragrances and a stainless steel grate for bagged aromatic fragrances.

The Combi heaters are controlled by a separate Griffin Combi or C105S Logix control unit. Topclass Combi models are KV50SE, KV60SE, KV80SE and KV90SE. Automatic filling of the water tank is standard on models KV50SEA, KV60SEA, KV80SEA and KV90SEA. For automatic models, water supply with shut-off valve is needed.

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