Aluminium frame door

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The aluminium frame door is an excellent solution for a steam room or a sauna door. It is designed for conditions where the materials need very good humidity resistance. There are no wooden parts in the door. The aluminium frames  (40 x 60 mm) are light grey in colour. The glass is tempered 8 mm safety glass. Seals keep the heat and steam in. Aluminium frame door is maintenance-free decade after decade.

The aluminum frame door is installed with hidden screws leaving no screw-heads visible. The end result is elegant and refined. The sturdy door handle is made of aluminum. The colour options are bronze, smoky grey, clear and satin. Satin glass is not available for double door.

The Harvia aluminum frame door is available as both single and double all-glass door.

Single door, sizes (frame size):

7 x 19 (690 x 1890 mm)

8 x 19 (790 x 1890 mm), 8 x 21 (790 x 2090 mm)

9 x 19 (890 x 1890 mm), 9 x 21 (890 x 2090 mm)

Double door, sizes (frame size):

13 x 19 (1315 x 1890 mm), 13 x 21 (1315 x 2090 mm)

15 x 19 (1515 x 1890 mm), 15 x 21 (1515 x 2090 mm)

17 x 19 (1715 x 1890 mm), 17 x 21 (1715 x 2090 mm)

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