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Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna

Make effective use of the square meters in your bathroom

This is the beginning of a new era of space utilization. Harvia’s new foldable and adaptable bathroom sauna SmartFold only uses floor space when it is needed. SmartFold is a real lifecycle sauna, suitable for all users during various stages of life.

There is always use for the saved space

When the sauna is folded, you can easily make an open space in the washroom that conforms to the regulations. Compared to a traditional sauna solution, you save up to several square meters of space. Constructing a spacious wet room is relatively expensive, which is why it may be more economical to utilize the saved space in other rooms.

Harvia SmartFold allows you to use the bathroom as an efficient utility room. When one half of the floor space required by the sauna can be utilized for other purposes, you will have a nice amount of additional space for a drying rack, iron, or for changing the soil in your potted plants, for example.
Accessible sauna for all users

The saved space makes the everyday life of a young family easier, and the solution also pays attention to accessibility and older users. When the benches are left folded up, the sauna can be accessed with a wheelchair, and if climbing to sit on the benches of a regular sauna is difficult for you, you can leave the upper bench of the SmartFold sauna folded up, and enjoy the heat while sitting on the lower bench.

The heater, designed specifically for this sauna, provides heat from top to bottom. The heater’s output is 3.6 kW (230 V 1N˜), and you can plug it into the bathroom’s grounded power outlet, also giving flexibility to the electrical design. SmartFold is energy efficient: thanks to the moderate heater output and volume, as well as the effective insulation, you can save up to 40 % in electricity consumption, compared to a traditional sauna solution. The safety equipment ensures that the heater only switches on when the sauna is unfolded. Using the folding mechanism is easy, and SmartFold looks stylish, even when it is folded.

Quick to install

The bathroom sauna consists of distinct elements, which is why it can be installed in a quick and cost-effective manner. The bathroom sauna is always delivered as a package that is ready for installation. There is no need for troublesome electrical work – the sauna obtains the electricity it requires from the grounded 16A power outlet in the bathroom. Its electricity consumption is roughly the same as that of a washing machine. Bathroom saunas are being installed in new buildings more and more often. The advantages of this are obvious: the builder saves space, time, and money.

Finnish quality

All Harvia bathroom saunas are manufactured at Harvia’s sauna factory in Muurame, central Finland. Only tried and tested materials of high quality are used in the production. All saunas are inspected before delivery. In addition to an extensive range of basic products, Harvia also provides customized solutions.

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