Protective sheath and bedding

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Protective sheath and bedding ensures safety

Harvia has designed a long-lasting and safe protective sheath and bedding. If the sauna walls are of wood or some other inflammable material the safety distance of the heater can be made considerably shorter by means of a Harvia protective sheath and bedding. The protective sheath and bedding surface effectively prevents the effects direct heat rays can have on combustible materials.

The sheath is made of aluminium-zinc-coated steel sheet. Its surface temperature will not rise above 80 oC in normal use, so it can be placed in a horizontal position as close as 50 mm from combustible wall materials. It can also be used with walls constructed from logs that are settling.

Harvia protective sheath and bedding is approved for the following Harvia products:

Woodburning stoves: M series, 20 Pro series, Premium, GreenFlame

Iron stove: Harvia 10

A supplementary item available is a separate protective bedding, to be used when the fireplace and protective sheath are to be placed on a wooden floor.

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