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A wireless control unit for all the functions of your sauna.

We at Harvia wish to introduce to you a new way of controlling your sauna in the digital age. The wireless control unit is equipped with a clear touch screen which you can use to control all the functions of your sauna. This piece of modern technology will make it possible for you to enjoy your sauna in a variety of new ways!

The well thought-out design and user-prompting functions of the control unit make it a simple task to set the pre-set and the operating time of your heater. The controls for the sauna temperature, humidity, lights, colour lights, as well as other aspects, are at your finger tips even when you are sitting comfortably on your couch.

With the weekly timer function of Fenix, you can easily program different heat and humidity settings for up to eight different sauna shifts. This way all groups using a commercial sauna can enjoy it to their satisfaction.

The operating language of the control unit can be set to English, Finnish, Swedish, German or Russian.


The Harvia Fenix control unit consists of different devices which together allow comprehensive control over all aspects of sauna bathing. Available device packages are:

SACF10 wireless control unit for controlling power units

SACF150 power unit for controlling heater (max. 15 kW)

SACF165S power unit for controlling combined heater/steamer (max. 16,5 kW)

SACF100 power unit for controlling colour light

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