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Stylish, Semi-Outdoor Sauna with a Stunning View

FinnSauna was approached by the client who wanted a traditional sauna custom built in a corner of the covered deck area of their home, taking full advantage of the stunning views of Rangitoto Island across the bay. A requirement was that a storage area, built of matching materials, be attached.

The client was surprised to learn that the sauna would not be assembled from a flat pack! FinnSauna designs and installs saunas to meet the exact requirements of each client, taking the specific site for the sauna into account, as well as the client’s goals and needs. With apologies to Ikea, kit sets simply do not meet our high standards for an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

The sauna was built on timber decking. Treated, stained Cedar was used for its exterior walls, and Western Red Cedar for the interior panelling and benching.
Western Red Cedar is a beautiful, low-maintenance wood that resists mould and insects, has a rich colour and a subtle scent of the forest. Plus, it warms up quickly but does not become too hot to the touch.

The room’s ceiling height is 2.1 metres, with distinctive horizontal panelling and two tiers of benching that seat two to three bathers. Bulkhead lights were fitted under the top bench to supplement the natural light from the window in the wooden door. Heating is by means of a Harvia 6kW electric heater with integrated controls.

Natural draught fed ventilation, which relies on thermal energy from rising heat to vent the sauna room properly, was installed. It allows bathers to enjoy a cooler floor and lower bench, and more heat the higher up they sit. No appliance is needed for it to work, and no servicing and no extra power is required.

A striking feature is the large glass window in the door which allows bathers a breathtaking view of Rangitoto Island and the Hauraki Gulf ‒ clearly depicted in the first image below. The result is a tidy, attractive semi-outdoor sauna with a discrete, matching storage area that is a great investment for the client and will deliver years of pleasurable sauna experiences.

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