Hamilton City Council, Waterworld Sauna and Steam Room


Renewal of Sauna and Steam Room for a Community Facility

Saunas and steam rooms are a major draw for people looking to soothe muscles after a workout, lose weight, heal the body, remove toxins or simply relax after a long day. In 2017, the Hamilton City Council’s Waterworld, a full-service health and wellness facility, contracted FinnSauna for a two-stage project of renewal of their existing sauna and steam room amenities.

The renewal works for the sauna and steam room at Waterworld was described as follows in a Council news report, 27 September 2017:

  • Waterworld’s steam room, sauna and hydrotherapy pool will be out of action over the coming two weeks for maintenance and renewals work.
  • Debbie Lascelles, Hamilton City Council’s Community Services Manager, says the planned renewals work will include refitting of the facility’s sauna room, new floor surfacing in the areas around and leading to the hydrotherapy pool, and the reconnection of the spa pool.
  • “The sauna is at the end of its useful life and replacing it is part of our planned renewals programme,” Ms Lascelles says. “We will also be constructing a small lounge area for customers using that part of our facility, which will improve accessibility to the hydrotherapy pool,” she says.
  • “Customers using the sauna have previously had to wait in the corridor, so this improvement will make the wait more comfortable for them.” The work also includes the reconnection of Waterworld’s spa pool, which has been out of action due to mechanical and plumbing issues.*

2017/8 Project – Rebuild the Sauna

The Waterworld sauna project involved a full refurbishment. Among the many improvements made to the sauna during the renewal, the following are worth noting:

  • Western Canadian Red Cedar was used for the panelling and benching. It is often considered a luxury wood due to its scent, its lavish looks and its sturdy but flexible property.
  • The two-tier L-shaped benching was oiled to make it water resistant, easier to clean, more hygienic and longer lasting.
  • Hidden heaters were installed (behind a wall) to increase the interior space and allow wheelchair access.
  • The large, horizontal window located close to the ceiling and behind a grille, lets in natural light and heat from the Harvia electric heater concealed behind the wall.
  • A Harvia Autodose system was installed to automatically apply the right amount of water and water-fragrance mixture (if required) onto the heated stones.
  • The sauna, with a ceiling height of 2.2 metres, comfortably seats seven to eight bathers, and the glass door affords added security for mixed bathing.
  • Additional lightning was fitted behind wooden screens and forced mechanical ventilation was provided for venting and even airflow.

2019 Project – Rebuild the Steam Room

This project required a full refurbishment of the existing steam room.

The steam room’s ceiling, walls and benches are lined with attractive two-tone Italian glass mosaic tiles of the highest quality. Fibre optic lighting embedded in the curved ceiling creates a relaxing ambience. Forced mechanical ventilation is installed to provide airflow, even temperature and vapour distribution in the steam room. A large, horizontal window at the top of the back wall allows in soft, natural light. The glass door provides additional light as well as security for mixed bathing.

The sixth image below is a 3D rendition of the design for the steam room.

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