Flat Bush, Auckland

5-Star Sauna and Steam Room Combo in a Modern Urban Home

The brief for this project was to custom design and install, to 5-star resort standards, a traditional sauna and a steam room in a luxury private home. FinnSauna modified and refined a set of existing designs to better suit the client’s requirements.

The outcome is an adjacent sauna and steam room, each with a glass door and -front, a ceiling height of 2.1 metres, and benching to accommodate five to six

The interior of the sauna comprises dressed Aspen wood panelling and two-tiered benching of custom-made, form-pressed Ventura wood. Favoured for its very even and very white quality, Aspen is a beautiful choice for the panelling; it’s a soft, non-allergenic type of wood with virtually no scent, and for that quality alone it’s well suited for a sauna.

A Harvia electric heater with external controls, and embedded fibre optic lighting complete this sleek, spacious sauna.

The sauna is complemented by a matching, state-of-the-art steam room featuring custom-cut XPS foam benches manufactured in Finland. It is lined with the best quality imported tiles, and the curved ceiling has embedded fibre optic lighting. A top-of-the-range Harvia electric steam generator, located in an adjoining room, supplies the vapour.

A striking feature of the project is the luxury resort standard of the sauna and steam room installed in what is a private residential home. The second image below is 3D rendition of the concept design.

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