Crofton Downs in Wellington

A Sauna with a Country Landscape View

Our client Justin, a man who has his priorities in the right order, contracted FinnSauna to convert a guest room in his home into a traditional sauna. A striking feature of the custom-designed sauna is the built-in window that opens onto magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

The interior of the sauna is lined with Western Red Cedar and has two tiers of benching in the same wood, comfortably accommodating three to four bathers. Western Red Cedar is a sturdy but flexible wood, ideal for sauna construction. It has a reddish colour that varies with each piece, producing attractive colour gradients. The wood is often selected for its strong scent which is amplified under the sauna heat.

The lino flooring lies on particle board with a timber substrate. The sauna’s windowless door is insulated, framed and lined on both sides with sauna panels, also of Western Red Cedar. Heating is provided by an 8kW Harvia electric heater with integrated controls. A heat-resistant bulkhead light is fitted on the wall between the top and bottom benches.

To vent the sauna room adequately, use is made of natural draught ventilation that harnesses thermal energy from rising heat. To ensure proper functioning of the system, an inlet vent is placed below the sauna heater and an extraction vent is placed opposite, just below the ceiling.

The client is delighted with the finished sauna and what was once an underutilised guest room is now the most popular room in the house.

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