Castor Bay, Auckland

Custom Sauna Installation for a Luxury Home

FinnaSauna received a prestigious commission from a client who wanted a custom sauna at their luxury home in Castor Bay. They required us to design and install, within a designated space in their home, a sauna that could comfortably accommodate two to three bathers. The client specified matching panelling and benching in handcrafted Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and a black electric heater as a décor feature. 

The sauna, with a ceiling height of 2.1 metres, has two tiers of benching: the lower bench 400mm deep and the upper bench, 600mm. The dressed Alaskan Yellow Cedar panelling and benching were custom milled specifically for this project. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a prime choice for sauna construction since the wood thrives in wet environments. It is highly rot and insect resistant, very hard but light in weight, aromatic and rich in colour.

The discrete, floor standing black Harvia electric tower heater is tucked into a corner to maximise space. Integrated controls in the heater allow for convenient monitoring and adjustment of the heat and humidity in the sauna. A bespoke frameless glass front with a centralised glass door, opening outward, provides natural light and creates a sense of spaciousness and elegance. This feature is not common in residential settings.

The success of the project was facilitated by the excellent co-operation of the crew who built the house, Bonham Builders ‒ working with experts who understand what’s required can’t get any better than this! It was an absolute joy to work with these guys. Everything to the millimetre, and the site was kept immaculate.

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