AUT Millennium

Sauna Installation for an iconic Kiwi landmark

We were approached by AUT Millennium, a world-class sporting facility for high-performance athletes and community use, to install a new custom sauna.

It is always a pleasure to work with a customer who appreciates FinnSauna’s decades of industry experience and our heritage of thousands of years of Finnish cultural sauna experience. That’s how we delivered an excellent outcome: understanding our customer’s requirements and collaborating to provide the perfect cost-effective solution for a high-usage commercial sauna. 

The project’s challenges involved a scenario typical in New Zealand: the existing infrastructure had no appropriate vapour barrier, no cavity systems behind the panelling, no ventilation and an undersized heater. All the issues were identified and successfully addressed with FinnSauna’s expertise and market-leading equipment.

The customised Sauna solution included:

  • A vapour barrier comprising prober aluminium foil, our own import from Finland that is not available in NZ.
  • The installation of primary and secondary cavity systems as well as a ventilation system ‒ all to the latest design and quality specs from Finland.
  • Establishing and controlling positive pressure in the sauna for optimal ventilation.
  • A heater upgrade from the old 10kW unit (and way undersized as we unfortunately so often see) to 16kW. And this was not just any heater but the latest from Finland! A sleek, mean, power machine ‒ the world-renowned Harvia Virta Pro which is specifically designed for commercial purposes. With this model the ease of access to the elements is second to none making maintenance extremely convenient and efficient. The elements are never in actual contact with the stones either, effectively prolonging the life of the heater elements and the stones.

AUT Millennium is one more customer who benefitted from FinnSauna’s approach of sitting down together to discuss what’s required from a customer perspective, then coming up with a perfect solution. Have a look at the project’s photos and the YouTube link to see an animated presentation:

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