Auckland City Council Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre

Spectacular Interior Design Flawlessly Implemented

Auckland City Council approached FinnSauna to refurbish amenities at its Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre on the North Shore, a contract described in the Kaipātiki Local Board’s 2017/2018 work programme as Project ID 2754: Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre ‒ renew sauna and steam room.*

The Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre had identified shortcomings in the amenities provided to visitors, and commissioned FinnSauna to renew its steam room and two commercial saunas.

Two attractive, high-performance, commercial grade saunas and a similar steam room were required, ones that met all health and safety, usage and maintenance considerations. To our knowledge nothing quite like our solution has ever been implemented in NZ before, and it’s the largest of its type in the country:

  • The two separate saunas have tiered benches on three levels with the top bench having a reach of more than 2 metres in depth. The two saunas comfortably seat 20 bathers each.
  • The saunas’ panelling and benching are crafted from Thermo-Aspen (basic Aspen that has been heat-treated under pressure).
  • Hidden heaters in the saunas create a streamline design with an added safety feature, with the combined effect of the heaters reaching 60kW.
  • In the saunas, water is applied via a push button in the wall ‒ a feature of the Autodose system installed for optimal performance, safety and cost-effective
  • The steam room’s walls, ceiling and benches are lined with hand-crafted Italian glass mosaic tiles.
  • All areas are fitted with fibre optic lighting, as well as glass-fronts to open up the space and provide safety and security in the mixed bathing facilities.

One of the most important requirements of the project was adequate ventilation. This was fully addressed by creating positive pressure in the saunas and the steam room to facilitate forced mechanical ventilation.

Now with the spectacular, state-of-the-art saunas and steam room installed, the Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre can truly describe itself as a modern, ‘fully equipped’ health & fitness centre. The Centre’s management team are delighted with the outcome. The saunas and steam room have been very well received by visitors to the Centre and are in high demand throughout the year. The aesthetics of the saunas and steam room alone are well worth a visit … and perhaps a short stay to enjoy their benefits!

Among the images below, the two in the centre are 3D renditions of the designs.


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